Firm Profile

We are a boutique IP firm focusing only on IP work. Our IP work consists of approximately 90% patents and 10% trademarks. Approximately 1/3 of work is from local clients, 1/3 is from national clients, and 1/3 is from German clients.

Representative Clients

Case IH – Agricultural, construction and industrial machinery.

New Holland – Agricultural, construction and industrial machinery.

Bridgestone / Firestone – Construction industry products, including roofing systems, wall systems and specialty products.

Navistar – Commercial trucks, buses and military vehicles.


Rolls Royce – Large Reciprocating internal combustion (IC) engines for ships, trains, generator sets, etc.

Tecomet – Orthopaedic implants and instruments.

Group Dekko – Office furniture electrical systems and heater related technologies.

Master Spas – Hot tubs and swim spas.

Voith – Paper making machinery

Voith Turbo – Large transmissions

Voith Hydro – Ocean vessel machinery

Zeiss – Optics

Schott – Glass related technologies

SGL – Carbon related technologies.

Patent work can generally be divided into the technical side of the business (opinions, applications and prosecution) and the non-technical side of the business (litigation). We focus on the technical side of the business and our attorneys have strong technical backgrounds, most with industry experience.

Six registered patent attorneys with diverse technical backgrounds: Mechanical Engineering (2), Electrical Engineering (2), Bio-Medical Engineering (1) and Chemistry (1).

Approximately 160 years of combined IP experience.

For litigation matters, we team with select litigators and provide support on patent law and technical issues arising during the litigation.

Foreign associates worldwide for global IP needs.

Fixed fees for most projects:

New applications, amendments, patentability opinions, clearance (freedom to operate) opinions, assignments, etc.

Provisional applications based on information provided by client – $1500

Exceptions: Full opinions (non-infringement and invalidity), and litigation.

No charges for miscellaneous or incidental expenses – photocopies, faxes, etc.

No charges for nearly all telephone calls.


We are a Patent & Trademark service business! We are here to provide high quality IP legal services at a fair price. It is our privilege to work for you … and we don’t forget that!