Taylor IP provides a complete line of IP legal services for all of your trademark needs. For example, we can assist you with the following:

  • Analysis of potential trademarks.
  • Preliminary online screening searches to determine registrability of trademarks and/or infringement risks relative to third party trademarks.
  • Full trademark searches using the services of a third party searching firm to determine federal registrations, state registrations, common law usages of third party marks, and internet domain name registrations.
  • Registrability and/or clearance/freedom to operate opinions.
  • Full opinions related to infringement and/or validity issues associated with client trademarks or competitor trademarks.
  • Assignment of trademark rights to another individual or business entity.
  • Preparation and filing of trademark applications with US Patent and Trademark Office or appropriate state corporate divisions.
  • Prosecution of trademark applications with US Patent and Trademark Office (negotiating with Examining Attorney assigned to trademark application to obtain issuance of trademark registration).
  • Preparation of agreements related to trademarks, such as trademark license agreements.
  • Analysis of potential trademark infringement actions by third parties.
  • Enforcing trademark rights through litigation in federal or state courts.