Taylor IP focuses on the technical side of the patent law business. We prepare and prosecute patent applications (also known as “prep and pros” in the industry), and also render opinions on various topics. For example, we render opinions related to the patentability of an invention, prior to preparing and filing a patent application. We also render clearance/freedom to operate opinions to ensure that an invention will not infringe upon third party patents, or to identify potential infringement risks associated with third party patents.

We also render full opinions relating to a specific patent when troublesome issues arise. Full opinions are much more detailed and typically involve a detailed study of a particular patent, including a full review of the prosecution history of the patent in the US Patent Office, prior art, which may limit the scope of protection of the patent, etc. For example, we may opine on the validity or invalidity of a patent owned by a client, or a patent owned by a competitor.

We may also opine on the whether the product of our client infringes upon a patent owned by a competitor, or conversely whether a competitor product infringes upon a patent owned by our client.