Taylor IP obtains patents for U.S. and foreign clients pertaining to many different technologies.  Below are some patents that have been prepared and/or prosecuted by Taylor IP and recently issued by the U.S. Patent Office

Patents recently issued for clients of Taylor IP:

U.S. Patent No. 8,815,057, entitled “Perforated film clothing”, issued on August 26, 2014, is directed to a fabric for a papermaking machine is configured as a belt, the two side edges of which are configured in each case as closed lines. Furthermore, the belt is formed in one layer from a solid material and has pores which form passages between the two surfaces of the belt. The belt has regions with a width of approximately 400 micrometers (.mu.m) or less. These regions extend in the longitudinal direction over the entire circumference of the belt, transversely with respect to the side edges, and include no pores formed therein.

U.S. Patent No. 8,808,506, entitled “Structured fabric for use in a papermaking machine and the fibrous web produced thereon”, issued on August 19, 2014, is directed to a papermaking machine for the production of a fibrous web including a plurality of rollers and a structured fabric moving along the rollers. The structured fabric includes a plurality of weft yarns and a plurality of warp yarns woven with the plurality of weft yarns to produce a weave pattern, the plurality of warp yarns being a plurality of paired warp yarn sets. Each paired warp yarn set including a first warp yarn and a second warp yarn. Within the weave pattern the first warp yarn forms a float over at least four weft yarns and weaves with a single weft yarn immediately adjacent with the float. The second warp yarn having an inverse pattern to the first warp yarn, with the second warp yarn weaving with another single weft yarn that is not adjacent to the single weft yarn with which the first warp yarn is woven.

U.S. Patent No. 8,800,800, entitled “Carrier plate and transporting and/or storing device for pharmaceutical containers”, issued on August 12, 2014, is directed to a carrier plate for pharmaceutical containers, in particular syringes bottles, or ampoules, includes a receiving region that has a plurality of through-openings for receiving the pharmaceutical containers. The receiving region includes a handling region that defines a base plane for handling the carrier plate, in particular for engaging on the carrier plate and/or for supporting same, having a top face that functions as a pressure side under a load and a lower face that functions as a tension side. A structural member for increasing the rigidity of the carrier plate is also provided that includes at least one box profiled region between at least two through-openings on the upper face of the carrier plate.

U.S. Patent No. 8,793,987, entitled “Heat exchanger plate and an evaporator with such a plate”, issued on August 5, 2014, is directed to a heat exchanger plate for an evaporator includes a flow transverse distribution device. Disks of the flow transverse distribution device conduct the medium to be evaporated to the flow channel extending in the direction of the longitudinal axis. The disks include openings allowing a flow of the medium in the direction of the longitudinal axis with comparatively higher flow resistance than in the direction of the transverse axis. The number of disks arranged one behind the other in the direction of the longitudinal axis varies over the width of the heat exchanger plate in the direction of the transverse axis. On each width section, in which the entry of the medium into the disks arranged one behind the other is intended, the comparatively largest number of disks is provided one behind the other. As the distance from the entrance increases, the number decreases in the direction of the transverse axis.

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Please note that not all patents which have been prepared by Taylor IP actually issue with Taylor IP being listed as the responsible law firm/attorneys.  For example, some of the larger companies that are represented by Taylor IP prefer to list their inhouse personnel as the responsible legal professionals for their issued patents.  Thus, many patents that are prepared and/or prosecuted by Taylor IP do not appear with our name on the face of the patent.

Taylor IP has several patent attorneys with diverse and strong technical backgrounds.  Each patent attorney at Taylor IP has a specific technical background and a law degree, and most have industry experience in their respective technical field.  For example, our patent attorneys have technical backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering and chemical engineering.  We represent some of the largest and most technologically advanced companies in the world, as well as mid-sized companies, small companies and individuals.  We receive patent work directly from US and foreign companies, through foreign patent law firms and attorneys representing foreign companies, through US domestic law firms and attorneys representing companies and individuals, and directly from individuals desiring to protect their inventions.

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