Taylor IP obtains patents for U.S. and foreign clients pertaining to many different technologies.  Below are some patents that have been prepared and/or prosecuted by Taylor IP and recently issued by the U.S. Patent Office

Patents recently issued for clients of Taylor IP:

U.S. Patent No. 8,757,098, entitled “Remote animal training system using voltage-to-frequency conversion”, issued on June 24, 2014, is directed to an animal training device and system which uses a voltage to frequency conversion technology (VFC) providing the capability to adjust in gradual incremental levels upward and downward for consistent and individual electronic control of separate output to an animal undergoing training to learn new behaviors which are desired by its owner/handler/trainer. The device is contained in a housing which is worn around the neck of an animal by means of a collar strap or attached to a harness that properly fits onto an animal. The primary use is with dogs, but all kinds of domestic animals may be trained using this device. This VFC technology is offered in a variety of electronic platforms. Whether one-way or two-way remote control with manual activation by the user, automatic activation by remote sensor detectors, or automatically activated by an on-board microprocessor circuitry sensing the animals own actions, either or all device outputs allow the animal’s caretaker the unique capability to select an appropriate level of one of a variety of cue signals at a given moment allowing the animal not to be overwhelmed or to cause any over-reactions.

U.S. Patent No. 8,748,009, entitled “Material, method for producing a material and use thereof”, issued on June 10, 2014, is directed to the present invention relates to a material including a matrix and at least one reinforcing element introduced therein, wherein the matrix is selected from the group consisting of plastic, carbon, ceramic, glass, clay, metal, and combinations thereof, and the reinforcing element is spherical to ellipsoidal in shape and has an onionskin-like structure. The present invention further relates to a method for producing a material including steps preparing at least one spherical to ellipsoidal reinforcing element having an onionskin-type structure, and introducing the reinforcing element into a matrix, wherein the matrix is selected from the group consisting of plastic, carbon, ceramic, glass, clay, metal, and combinations thereof. The present invention further relates to use of the material in a friction application, as abrasion protection, an injection molding part, a support plate, catalyst substrate or as bone replacement material.

For more detailed information concerning this patent, please follow this link: uspto.gov

Please note that not all patents which have been prepared by Taylor IP actually issue with Taylor IP being listed as the responsible law firm/attorneys.  For example, some of the larger companies that are represented by Taylor IP prefer to list their inhouse personnel as the responsible legal professionals for their issued patents.  Thus, many patents that are prepared and/or prosecuted by Taylor IP do not appear with our name on the face of the patent.

Taylor IP has several patent attorneys with diverse and strong technical backgrounds.  Each patent attorney at Taylor IP has a specific technical background and a law degree, and most have industry experience in their respective technical field.  For example, our patent attorneys have technical backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering and chemical engineering.  We represent some of the largest and most technologically advanced companies in the world, as well as mid-sized companies, small companies and individuals.  We receive patent work directly from US and foreign companies, through foreign patent law firms and attorneys representing foreign companies, through US domestic law firms and attorneys representing companies and individuals, and directly from individuals desiring to protect their inventions.

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