Taylor IP obtains patents for U.S. and foreign clients pertaining to many different technologies.  Below are some patents that have been prepared and/or prosecuted by Taylor IP and recently issued by the U.S. Patent Office

Patents recently issued for clients of Taylor IP:

U.S. Patent No. 8,973,305, entitled “Mitered shutter”, issued on March 10, 2015, is directed to a shutter panel and an installation including a shutter panel in an architectural opening. The shutter panel has mitered corners without exposed end grain. The shutter panel is connected directly to structures defining the architectural opening.

U.S. Patent No. 8,978,557, entitled “Ring-shaped or plate-like element and method for producing same”, issued on March 17, 2015, is directed to a ring-shaped or plate-like element, in particular for a metal-sealing material-feedthrough, for example for devices which are subjected to high pressures, such as igniters for airbags or belt tensioning devices, includes a feedthrough opening, whereby the feedthrough opening is located substantially in the center of the ring-shaped or plate-like element and whereby the ring-shaped or plate-like element has a thickness. The ring-shaped or plate-like element has a relief region in the area of the feedthrough opening. Further, the ring-shaped or plate-like element in the relief region has at least one thickness which is reduced by the height of the relief region and which is selected so that the feedthrough opening can be punched out of the ring-shaped or plate like element having the reducing thickness.

U.S. Patent No. 8,985,613, entitled “Aircraft towbar with rapid wheel deployment and method for efficiently moving aircraft therewith”, issued on March 24, 2015, is directed to a towbar includes a body and a carriage assembly mounted to the body for movement between a retracted position in which wheels on the carriage assembly are elevated above the ground and a support position in which the wheels support the towbar on the ground, wherein the towbar is configured for rapid deployment of the carriage assembly from the retracted position to the support position. Rapid deployment is provided by a hydraulic actuator and an accumulator that can store fluid pressure, such that controllably discharging the accumulator drives the actuator to move the carriage assembly. A method is disclosed using the towbar to move an aircraft such that the accumulator is charged with pressure before the towbar is decoupled from nose gear.

U.S. Patent No. 8,985,936, entitled “Method and apparatus for orienting a lamination”, issued on March 24, 2015, is directed to a method of orienting a selected item from a stack of similar items, the method comprising the steps of separating, engaging and orienting. The separating step separates the selected item from the stack using a first attraction force of a transport apparatus. The engaging step engages the selected item with a second attraction force from the transport apparatus. The second attraction force being greater than the first attraction force. The orienting step orients the selected item relative to the transport apparatus as the transport apparatus is en route to a destination location.

U.S. Patent No. 8,989,419, entitled “Phase plug with axially twisted radial channels”, issued on March 24, 2015, is directed to a loudspeaker assembly comprises a casing with a diaphragm loudspeaker mounted in the casing. A phase plug is mounted in the casing adjacent the diaphragm loudspeaker. The phase plug has a central cone with a longitudinal axis extending from an input end adjacent the diaphragm loudspeaker to an output end with its base at the input end tapering to an apex at the output end. A plurality of vanes extend radially outwardly from the central cone with the plurality of vanes being thickest at the input end and progressively thinning toward the output end. Radially outward edges of the plurality of vanes are twisted relative to the longitudinal axis with the degree of twist being progressively greater with increasing proximity to the output end. The plurality of vanes tapers in width along their longitudinal extent from the input end to the output end.

U.S. Patent No. D725,215, entitled “Gun stock”, issued on March 24, 2015

U.S. Patent No. 8,991,733, entitled “Pulper”, issued on March 31, 2015, is directed to A pulper for comminuting and suspending fibrous material includes a container and at least one rotor arranged in the container for circulating a fibrous material suspension located on the container and at least one rigid sieve. The rotor at least predominantly passes over the sieve surface which is provided with round sieve openings. As high a throughput as possible and as low an energy consumption as possible are to be achieved by limiting the cross-section of the sieve openings exclusively defined by circle segments.

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Please note that not all patents which have been prepared by Taylor IP actually issue with Taylor IP being listed as the responsible law firm/attorneys.  For example, some of the larger companies that are represented by Taylor IP prefer to list their inhouse personnel as the responsible legal professionals for their issued patents.  Thus, many patents that are prepared and/or prosecuted by Taylor IP do not appear with our name on the face of the patent.

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