Taylor IP obtains patents for U.S. and foreign clients pertaining to many different technologies.  Below are some patents that have been prepared and/or prosecuted by Taylor IP and recently issued by the U.S. Patent Office

Patents recently issued for clients of Taylor IP:

U.S. Patent No. 8,863,538, entitled “Ammonia recycling still for a refrigeration system and method therefor”, issued on October 21, 2014, is directed to a method of treating a contaminated refrigeration fluid including the steps of transferring, separating, returning, moving and removing. The transferring step includes the transferring of a portion of the contaminated refrigeration fluid from a refrigeration system to a first tank. The separating step includes the separating of refrigerant from the portion of the contaminated refrigeration fluid resulting in the refrigerant and a refrigerant depleted portion. The returning step includes the returning of the refrigerant to the refrigeration system. The moving step includes the moving of the refrigerant depleted portion to a second tank. The removing step includes the removing of oil from the refrigerant depleted portion.

U.S. Patent No. 8,857,181, entitled “Drive train, in particular vehicle drive train”, issued on October 14, 2014, is directed to a drive train, especially a vehicle drive train, includes: an engine for supplying drive power into the drive train; a cooling circuit in which a cooling medium is revolved in order to cool the engine or an electric generator or another unit; an expansion machine which is driven with fluid or steam as a working medium and by way of which additional drive power can be supplied to the drive train or which drives an electric generator or another unit, the cooling medium of the cooling circuit being simultaneously the working medium of the expansion machine; and a bypass to the expansion machine which is provided through which the working medium of the expansion machine is forced through a switching valve or can be guided past the expansion machine automatically by the prevailing pressure conditions.

U.S. Patent No. 8,857,115, entitled “Composite step tread”, issued on October 14, 2014, is directed to a step for ingress and egress from a swimming pool and/or a spa includes a tread including opposing side edges, a riser coupled with and extending substantially perpendicular from one of the side edges of the tread and an upper flange substantially perpendicular to said tread and coupled with and extending upwardly or downwardly from one of the opposing side edges of the tread opposite the riser. The upper flange is configured to be coupled with the riser of another step or a wall of the swimming pool or spa to form a stairway.

U.S. Patent No. D715,007, entitled “Pet collar accessory”, issued on October 7, 2014, is directed to the ornamental design for a pet collar accessory, as shown and described.

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Please note that not all patents which have been prepared by Taylor IP actually issue with Taylor IP being listed as the responsible law firm/attorneys.  For example, some of the larger companies that are represented by Taylor IP prefer to list their inhouse personnel as the responsible legal professionals for their issued patents.  Thus, many patents that are prepared and/or prosecuted by Taylor IP do not appear with our name on the face of the patent.

Taylor IP has several patent attorneys with diverse and strong technical backgrounds.  Each patent attorney at Taylor IP has a specific technical background and a law degree, and most have industry experience in their respective technical field.  For example, our patent attorneys have technical backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering and chemical engineering.  We represent some of the largest and most technologically advanced companies in the world, as well as mid-sized companies, small companies and individuals.  We receive patent work directly from US and foreign companies, through foreign patent law firms and attorneys representing foreign companies, through US domestic law firms and attorneys representing companies and individuals, and directly from individuals desiring to protect their inventions.

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