Taylor IP represents Schmeisser firearms for their patent and trademark needs in the US. Schmeisser is probably the second largest weapons manufacturer in Europe, behind Heckler & Koch (whom we have also represented in the past). We obtained some patents on rifle magazines for Schmeisser that they believed were being infringed by a Bosnian weapons manufacturer. We filed a lawsuit against the weapons manufacturer and their US importer in Federal District Court in Wyoming where the US importer was located. We previously obtained a preliminary injunction against the Wyoming based importer, and ultimately reached a settlement with the importer. The Judge also just recently entered a preliminary injunction against the Bosnian weapons manufacturer. Preliminary injunctions are viewed as difficult to achieve, and we are very glad that this litigation has been successful to date for our client Schmeisser. Parallel litigation proceedings against the Bosnian weapons manufacturer are also ongoing in Europe.

Taylor IP Represents Schmeisser Firearms