Taylor IP provides a complete line of IP legal services for all of your patent needs.  For example, we can assist you with the following:

  • Analysis of inventive subject matter to determine if proper subject matter for a patent.
  • Preparation of invention disclosure materials.
  • Searching of inventive subject matter for purposes of determining the patentability and/or infringement issues associated with your invention.  We can search both US and foreign prior art.  Typically we use the services of an outside searcher; however, we also conduct online searches ourselves when under tight deadlines or the subject matter is such that we have a particular in-house expertise.
  • Patentability and/or clearance/freedom to operate opinions.
  • Design around consultations in the event of troublesome third party patents.
  • Full opinions related to infringement and/or validity issues associated with client patents or competitor patents.
  • Assignment of patent rights to another individual or business entity.
  • Determination of inventorship issues.
  • Preparation and filing of patent applications with US Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Prosecution of patent applications with US Patent and Trademark Office (negotiating with Examiner assigned to the patent application to obtain allowance and issuance of a patent).
  • Determination of need for follow-up patent applications based on further development or improvements to base ideas covered in existing patent applications (through the use of continuation-in-part applications).
  • Foreign filings of patent applications in any selected foreign countries, either as an international patent applications or direct national filings in selected countries.
  • Submission of prior art against pending or issued competitor patents.
  • Expanding or retracting the patent rights of patents issued to our clients.
  • Due diligence studies of patent portfolios owned by third parties during potential corporate acquisitions.
  • Preparation of agreements related to patents, such as confidentiality agreements, patent license agreements, employment agreements, joint venture agreements and development agreements.
  • Analysis of potential patent infringement actions by third parties.
  • Enforcing patent rights through litigation in Federal Court.